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Professor of the Master's Program in Human Development participates in a podcast about International Women's Day

went on the air, by radio FM UNITAU, in day 11 March, the first episode of the UNITALK Program – the university of the future podcast. The program was conceived and carried out by the ACOM-Central of Communication of the University of Taubaté. Debuting the week of International Women's Day, celebrated on the day 8 March, the program had as its theme in its first episode, the theme: The woman in teaching, in research and extension. Prof.. Drag. Rachel Abdala, Professor of the Master's Program in Human Development, was invited to participate with Prof.. Drag. Miroslava Hanzagic and the Teacher. Drag. Viviane Fushimi. Prof.. Rachel Abdala finished in January 2022 postdoctoral research on the representation of female teachers having collected data in Brazil and France. Prof.. Rachel Abdala was accompanied by two students entering the History course: Marina Felix and Bruna Pereira, that when they were high school students, they attended a lecture by Prof.. Rachel at Doutor José Marcondes de Mattos State School, at the invitation of Prof. Me. Bruno Luis Cardoso, who was supervised by the professor in the Master's Program in Human Development.

The podcast can be heard on Spotify:


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