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Research Lines and Groups

Human development, Identity and Training

The objective of this line is to research the influence of training in the construction of identities and social representations of the subject and its impacts.

Linked Teacher:

Alexandra Magna Rodrigues

Deborah Inácia Ribeiro

Dear Edna Maria de Oliveira Chamon

Maria Angela Boccara de Paula

Mariana de Souza Aranha

Marilza Terezinha Soares de Souza

Suzana Lopes Salgado Ribeiro

contexts, Social Practice and Human Development

The line focuses on research of immediate and distant environments and measures the contributions of training contexts of human development. With emphasis on the study of social practices, researchers analyze the creation of networks of relationships in which individuals share meanings.

Linked Teacher:

André Luiz da Silva

Angela Michele Suave

Elisa Maria Andrade Brisola

Juliana Marcondes Bussolotti

Maria Aparecida Campos Diniz

Maria Auxiliadora Ávila

Patricia Diana Edith B. de Souza and Camargo Ortiz Monteiro

Rachel Duarte Abdala

Renato de Sousa Almeida

Research groups

Each line of research leads to a working group, which gathers the students enrolled. Depending on the theme of ongoing projects, other groups may be formed for specific studies.

Human Sciences Journal

A Human Sciences Journal (e-ISSN 2179-1120) is an interdisciplinary online journal that, from 2021, adopted the continuous article publication system, to publicize original productions, unpublished texts from field or bibliographic research, essay, experience reports and interviews, published in streaming or thematic dossiers. was created in 2008 and is managed by the Postgraduate Programs in Human Development: Formation, Social and Professional Education Policies and Practices of the University of Taubaté (SP).

It is available to national and foreign collaborators, it has an editorial board whose members belong to different institutions and regions of the country., in addition to international consultants.



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