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note of regret – Prof's death. Dr. Jose Rogério Lopes

Coordination of the Master's Program in Human Development – MDH from the University of Taubaté communicates, how to weigh, the death of Professor José Rogério Lopes, who collaborated with several activities of the Program and was one of the founders of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Research in Contemporary Praxis, which since 2022 is the MDH Studies Center.

Currently Prof. José Rogério Lopes worked as an accredited professor at the PPG in Regional Development at the Federal University of Tocantins and as Coordinator of LaPCAB-Laboratory of Cultural and Environmental Policies in Brazil.

Prof. José Rogério Lopes leaves us a legacy of reference research, mainly on Popular Culture, Sociology of culture, and Anthropology, with an emphasis on Urban Anthropology.
Our condolences and best wishes to family and friends.

Prof. Jose Rogério Lopes (in the middle) on the defense panel of Douglas Rodrigues da Silva in the Master's Program in Human Development – UNITAU in 2018.


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