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Coordinators of the Master's Program in Human Development participated in workshop for filling platform Sucupira

Between the days 10 e 11 March 2020 the Master's Program Coordinator Humanho Development, prof. Drag. Alexandra Magna Rodrigues and the Assistant Program Coordinator, prof. Drag. Rachel Duarte Abdala attended the workshop with a schedule of 8 am promoted by the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies of the University of Taubaté on Platform Fill SUCUPIRA. The workshop was conducted by Prof.. Dr. Evandro Nohara and held at LIFE (Computer Laboratory of the Department of Social Sciences and Letters.

The proper filling of data on programs Master in Sucupira platform is critical to the evaluation of Software, thus, the University of Taubaté expresses its concern and your support to the coordinators of the program Master of the institution providing this support to share experiences. A Prof. Evandro Nohara has extensive experience in Platform fill in seventeen years of work in the program Master of Engineering in UNITAU.

In addition to the concern over the four-year evaluation that will finalize in 2020 there is also concern with the annual reports that are being filled by the coordinators of the programs by the end of this month.


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