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Representations and cultural practices: patrimony, education, borders, images and places of memory


Rachel Duarte Abdala

Project title

Representations and cultural practices: patrimony, education, borders, images and places of memory


The project seeks to study the regional socio-historical phenomenon from the cultural point of view and its different dimensions and articulations.
a) Stimulate inter and transdisciplinary discussion between the different areas of knowledge, raising debates and research on contemporary aspects from the study of individual and/or collective socio-historical processes;
b) To analyze the cultural dimension of Human Development from the study of local cultural representations and their specific aspects materialized in iconographies, processes historical partner;
c) Promote reflection on the concept of culture considering its interdisciplinary and local aspect;
Providing the interrelationship between the undergraduate and graduate, based on the development of university extension projects in the areas of Culture, Communication and Education;
d) Investigate places of memory considering the notion of material and immaterial heritage.

theoretical Foundations

The studies are based on the theories of Cultural History, from the interfaces between History, Anthropology, Psychology, Education and Sociology, emphasizing the concept of representation which includes the representation of struggles, representations
cultural, memory seats, production speeches, production and reception of cultural objects and places of memory. Based on the assumptions of Cultural History, it is also intended to work with the notion of practice and cultural materialization
focusing on the school environment and local phenomena.


The methodological approach used is qualitative, subdividing into discourse analysis techniques, Oral History and document analysis as a specific methodological guideline in the area of ​​History and for validation of data obtained.

Suggestions for topics related to the project that can be developed

• Memory: places, Construction historic representations and
• Local Dimensions of the tangible and intangible heritage
• Representations and cultural diversity
• Continuing education and socio-cultural integration
• Popular culture and production and reception contexts
• Representations and cultural practices in education
• Cultural representations of production and reception of images

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