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RCH Dossier – Contemporary research questions: transatlantic reflections

Dear(a) Professor(a),

It has become a trend in academic debates to highlight the importance of international insertion, but it is important that this process takes place from the perspective of dialogue between researchers and research fields. This dossier call is present within this limit, that is, aims to publicize what has been reflected and produced in different geographic spaces, but in dialogue.

Like this, the teachers at the Bengo Higher Pedagogical School (Angola) together with the professors of the Master's in Human Development at the University of Taubaté (Brazil) invite the community of researchers to submit manuscripts for the dossier co-organized by the two institutions for publication in the Revista Ciências Humanas (e-ISSN 2179-1120) from UNITAU with the theme: Contemporary research questions: transatlantic reflections.

The texts sent must fit into the following thematic axes:

  • Axis I: Knowledge production
    Objective: present research and works that address strategies and production of knowledge and epistemological innovations, especially emerging non-global
  • Axis II: Human development
    Objective: Discuss the improvement of social and individual conditions, through education, culture and social well-being.
  • Axis III: Education for sustainability and health
    Objective: present research that works on the relationship between education, health and sustainability.

Access to the UNITAU magazine is via the link:
Submission of texts must be done on the magazine's online platform by clicking on the button

Send submission or via link:
It is mandatory to register as a user before being able to submit the text.

Norms and general structure of the article

The rules to be followed can be consulted on the magazine's website, no menu neste link:

Authors must meet the following deadlines for sending texts:

Start: 13 September 2023

Fim: 15 December 2023

The texts sent will be submitted to the editorial board, which will evaluate them and determine which texts can be published and/or indicate what changes should be made.. The editorial board's observations must be accepted or the text cannot be published.

The Organizers


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