Call for papers for the Journal Humanities – RCH 2019

Dossier: Masters Professionals and training of education professionals

That dossier aims to bring to light research, discussions and products derived from research processes triggered in Program Professional Masters, that aim to contribute to the training of education professionals.

of this mode, Brief the present assumes a perspective dialogue and interrelation with the different areas of knowledge, do not restricting the field of education. Besides that, search available different experiences and research on the subject in addition to giving visibility for Graduate Programs in the form Professional.

organizers: A-N-A Maria Gimenes Corrêa Calil (UNITAU), Douglas da Silva Tinti (UFOP) and And Marli. D. A. André (PUC-SP)

Time of submission: up until 31 March 2019

Forecast publication: 30 June 2019



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