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Professor Angela Boccara presides opening of the Symposium Stomatherapy

The teacher of the Master in Regional Development Dr.. Maria Angela Boccara Paula presided over the opening of the South Symposium Southeast Stomatherapy, ceremony marking the celebrations of 25 Stomatherapy years in Brazil.
Conducted by Sobest (Brazilian Society of Stomatherapy) between the days 31 May and 03 June in Lindoia Waters, the event brought together about 350 people, between professionals, exhibitors speakers, and aimed to unite technical and interpersonal knowledge, contributing to the recognition of nurses, as well as improving assistance to all those in need of specialized care.
Little-known field of nursing staff and the country's health, the stomatherapy takes care of care for people with stoma, wounds and incontinence. "It is our desire that all people with ostomy, sores and incontinence can receive care from a stoma ", explains Professor Angela, who assumed this year the presidency of Sobest, must stay ahead of the entity to 2017.


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